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Www programmableweb com

The leading source of news & information about apis, chronicling the evolution of the global api economy & providing the webs most relied-on api directory.

As the worlds leading source of news and information about internet-based application programming interfaces (apis), programmableweb. Com is known as the webs defacto journal of the api economy. Since it was founded in 2005, programmableweb has been chronicling the daily evolution of the global api economy while amassing the webs most relied-on directory when it comes to discovering and.

City officials worldwide are embracing digital transformation to make their urban areas smarter. Developers wishing to find cities data to build or enhance applications should check out this list of the 11 most popular cities apis from programmableweb.

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Waylay is an automation and analytics platform for industrial internet of things (iiot) and (iot).

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Www programmableweb com

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