Where can you find iron in astroneer

Where can you find iron in astroneer

  iron is a refined resource in the game, that means youre going to need to have a smelting furnace at the very least. Youll also need to leave the planet, because hematite, the resource you need for iron, cant be found on the starting planet.

Obtaining iron is closely related to the journey to other planets. There you will find the largest deposits of the resource called hematite, from which iron is formed.

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If you travel to glacio, you can find it all over the surface, or alternatively head to novus and find it in the caves (among some lithium hopefully!).

My solid fuel thruster only makes it there, unless im doing something wrong.

  the most common way of obtaining resource nuggets is extracting them, either directly from resource deposits, from the atmosphere, or from soil in a soil centrifuge.

  in this astroneer guide i explain places to find titanium and lithium. Early on, your best sources of titanium and lithium will be crashed and abandoned space.

  welcome back to lets play astroneer gameplay! Finding copper on the very firist planet can be a bit of a problem! In todays episode i will show you where to.

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  hematite can be found all over the surface and often near the shuttle, making it much easier to harvest without the need of an oxygenator. Ammonium and graphite can also be found naturally, scattered across the cold surface, but at a much lesser rate than hematite.

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Where can you find iron in astroneer

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