What time is the asian trading session

What time is the asian trading session

Market 24h clock shows the asian session as a block of lighten up in orange color trading hours for following stock exchanges - jpx tokyo, sgx singapore, sse shanghai, hkex hong kong, and nse mumbai. Tokyo has the largest market share, and is the third largest forex trading centre in the world.

  in london, traders will have to be up at 0000 (gmt) in the early hours of the morning until 0900 (gmt) if they wish to follow the asian session in real time.

The asian trading session starts at 10 pm gmt and ends at 7 am gmt. Sydney forex market hours sydney trading session form the start of the asian trading session and starts first 10 pm gmt right after new york forex trading session ends.

The most active part of the trading session is during the morning, when major parts of the economic data come out. As the asian session is the earliest of all three sessions, european and american traders are likely to observe its outcome in order to construct or modify their strategies until the end of the day.

You can add a few time zones into the chart, and see time at all zones simultaneously, which is very convenient. It begins with the sydney open (2200 gmt) and ends with the tokyo close (0800 gmt).

  the asian markets are basically the first to open after the weekend. We can say that activity from that part of the globe is represented by the tokyo capital markets, which comes alive at 0600 gmt.

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What time is the asian trading session

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What time is the asian trading session

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