What is hard cap in cryptocurrency

What is hard cap in cryptocurrency

A hard cap refers to the upper limit of tokens that can be sold. The developer team is seeking to raise funds, and the hard cap is the maximum amount of funds they are willing to collect in exchange for selling their tokens. Reaching the hard cap is like reaching a sold out sign during an ico fundraising campaign.

Hard cap is defined as the maximum amount of money a cryptocurrency can receive from investors in its initial coin offering (ico). An ico is the limited-time process by which new cryptocurrencies make their coins publicly known and begin selling them directly to people.

  the hard cap of an ico means the maximum amount of capital that it aims to gather. Most of the up and coming cryptocurrency projects set the hard cap very high.

A soft cap is typically a lower limit, more like how much a team is aiming to raise.

  there are two main arguments for establishing a hard cap to ethereum.

  the point here is to explain how hard-capped cryptocurrencies have a greater chance of preserving their value and the grand scheme of things eventually being used as money.

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What is hard cap in cryptocurrency

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What is hard cap in cryptocurrency
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