Westpac trade finance

Westpac trade finance

The advantages to both importers and exporters are that it is available in australian dollars and most major currencies.

Westpac can provide you with short term, fixed rate finance for the shipment of goods.

To open a westpac business account, youll need to provide us with a signed and completed company account opening form, along with some current identification documents.

Westpac trade receivables finance allows you to fund and manage risks of credit sales by allowing you to offer invoices due for payment at a future date to the bank for finance.

Westpac wintrade is a fast, efficient and secure application providing a full range of importing and exporting business functions. Securely manage the flow of your trade transactions, documents and data online anywhere, anytime.

A range of investment options 2,200 australian shares on asx and chi-x, plus global markets, etfs, bonds and more.

The above products and services are provided by westpac banking corporation abn 33 007 457 141, incorporated in australia (new zealand division) or westpac new zealand limited. For further information please refer to the product disclosure statement for any product which a product disclosure statement is required or the applicable customer agreement.

Our trade and supply chain finance team aims to protect and foster your supply chain by helping you to accelerate your cash flow and manage your risks. Export services westpacs documentary and finance services can help you manage the challenges and reap the rewards of exporting.

Westpac wintrade provides a secure online environment for managing and tracking your international trade transactions.

Wintrade system maintenance the scheduled wintrade system maintenance has been completed. After login, click user guide to view the updated user guides and videos.

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Westpac trade finance

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