Vega 64 power consumption mining

Vega 64 power consumption mining

Unfortunately, the standard performance of the radeon rx vega 64 using the latest claymore dual eth miner, which comes with official vega support, is only about 31-32 mhs.

We dont care for how amds radeon rx vega 64 handles multi-monitor setups, as power use varies widely depending on your configuration.

25 mhs hashrate and 170 w power consumption for mining eth (ethash) earning around 5. Find out more hashrate, consumption, difficulty, and profitability for mining 317 different coins on 112 algorithms.

Amd radeon vega 64 overclocking settings voltage - memory 1100.

  powercolor red devil rx vega 64 tear-down (& thermal paste) - duration 1509.

  from left to right, theres the power saver mode with 212.

Vega 64 liquid average speeds after 30 minutes mining ethereum despite setting gpu state 6 and state 7 max to 1100mhz in wattman we noticed that the gpu.

What kind of power consumption do the vega 56 vega 64 use when mining ethereum? Ive been out of the mining game for a long time, and am about to sell all my vega cards. Just wanted to see if my decision reasoning is still valid for me before i sell all of them. If any of you can also provide ballpark going prices for these cards if newunused, please lmk.

In this section we will tweak the windows registry to optimize power consumption performance of the vegas. Its called soft because this section does not alter your vegas (unless you elect to flash the bios). Note this can be a valuable step to optimize the power consumption of your rx radeon vega mining rig. I suggest you skip this section your first pass through the guide.

Thats fast and is great for gaming but it is overkill for cryptonight mining. The stock settings in the main guide for instance is just over 1400mhz. (this is also why the vega 64 which has a faster core ability than the 56 is not markedly faster in cryptonight mining).

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Vega 64 power consumption mining

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Vega 64 power consumption mining

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