Vampyr trophy list

Vampyr trophy list

Estimated trophy difficulty 410 (personal) offline trophies 29 (6, 17, 5, 1) online trophies 0 approximate amount of time to platinum 21-25 hours (estimated) minimum number of playthroughs 2 (1 with backing up saves) number of missable trophies 8 - the tools of the profession , keep your distance , weapons of choice , lore keeper , just take a bite , merciful release , bloody roots.

Full list of all 29 vampyr trophies - 6 bronze, 17 silver, 5 gold and 1 platinum.

  number of missable trophies 15 just take a bite, merciful release, unlife is strange, the tools of the profession, keep your distance, weapons of choice, bloody roots, lore keeper, hippocratic oath, thats better, work in progress, solid metal gear, anarchy in.

  you just need to be aware to play on normal or higher, as story mode voids not even once and possibly more trophies, since it specifically states that there is no rewards in this mode. Spoilers the full guide can contain a lot of minor and some major spoilers due to the nature of most of their trophies and collectibles.

  vampyr is a tough little game depending on how youre playing. Trophies are largely story-based, but there are some you can definitely miss if youre not careful.

These are all simple trophies that you should earn during the course of a normal game.

My look at the trophy list for vampyr, an upcoming semi open world vampire game!twitter httpstwitter.

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Vampyr trophy list

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