Us dollar to naira in parallel market today

Us dollar to naira in parallel market today

Us dollar to naira exchange rate is 485 in nigeria lagos parallel market today, march 13, 2021. Dollar has been traded at 482 when black market opened this week on monday, march 08, 2021.

Usd is being traded at 478 in black market(lagos) today, wednesday, march 17, 2021. Usd has been traded at 478 when black market opened this week on monday, march 15, 2021.

1 us dollar equals 100 cents, cent is the minor of us dollar. There are us dollar to naira exchange rates for black market (lagos parallel convert 1 us dollar to nigerian naira. Get live exchange rates, historical rates & charts for usd to ngn with xes free currency calculator.).

When we look at this month, usd was traded at 495 at the beginning of this march on monday, march 1, 2021. 20 decline for united states dollar to naira exchange rate for this month.

00 in ecobank us dollar to naira rate recently moves upwards 1. 04 in fx market dollar to naira exchange rate has the lowest value of 378.

On tuesday, september 8, 2020, nigerian naira falls further against the us dollar instead of the anticipated gain. At the parallel market, its n4451 despite the resumed sales of over 50 million to 5,180 bdc operators.

How much is dollar to naira exchange rate in black market today? Find out! To know the exchange rate of dollar to naira is very paramount due to the recent devaluation of naira. In this post well be highlighting the current value of 1 usd when converted to nigerian naira in black market and in parallel market. Also, you will see the reason why the value of naira has been dwindling and the.

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Us dollar to naira in parallel market today

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