Thomas cook cash passport

Thomas cook cash passport

Your cash passport is prepaid, reloadable and chip and pin protected. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have 247 global assistance, including free card replacement if lost or stolen.

The new cash passport app has an improved design that makes managing your travel money faster and easier.

  all thomas cook lyk card, multi-currency cash passport and single currency cash passport accounts will close on , according to an email recently sent to customers. However, this email is at odds with the cards official website, which states that the cards can still be used after the thomas cook collapse.

  thomas cooks travel card range consisted of the lyk card, thomas cook multi-currency cash passport, thomas cook single currency cash passport and the co-operative travel cash passport. Though they were part of the thomas cook brand, the cards are provided by mastercard and issued by a company called wirecard.

Mastercards prepaid travel money card is the safe, secure and convenient way to carry your holiday money.

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Thomas cook cash passport

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