Spalding nba portable basketball system 54 acrylic backboard

Spalding nba portable basketball system 54 acrylic backboard

M7900942 dont want to wait for shipping? Find in-store with the store locator facebook twitter email pinterest description turn your driveway into your own personal basketball court.

  this basketball system features a massive 54-inch wide acrylic backboard. While the usual backboards have a thickness of around 1, spalding nba portable basketball system features an unusually thin backboard with a thickness of merely 0.

Spalding nba hybrid portable basketball system - 54 acrylic backboard backboard size 54 x 32 inches 16 inches offset steel board frame with aluminum trim arena slam breakaway rim ultimate hybrid base fills with 19 gallons of water and 4 50 pound bags of sand 9. Spalding acrylic basketball backboard & rim combo your purchase includes one spalding 52.

Set up your own home court with the spalding nba 54 acrylic portable basketball hoop. This hoop has a durable acrylic backboard for great rebounds. You can adjust the height of the basket between the standard 10 and 7. The 34-gallon base gives stability, and has wheels for ease of movement.

Built to withstand endless games of twenty-one in the driveway, push the limits with the spalding nba 54 polycarbonate exactaheight adjustable portable basketball hoop system. This hoop system has a durable polycarbonate backboard and comes with arena-style padding and a steel breakaway rim.

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Spalding nba portable basketball system 54 acrylic backboard

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