Simon klein trader

Simon klein trader

Com), which has quickly established itself as a leader in trading education, training and coaching services. Tradesmart is also a provider of market analysis services to professional traders. Simon is a professional trader and trading coach with over 15 years.

  simon klein studied computer science at university college london and worked as an analyst for credit suisse in both london and new york. His interest in trading started after he received an offer to work as a portfolio & risk analyst on the trading floor.

Simon has a passion for trading and loves to train and coach others whether a complete beginner or an experienced trader. Simon has taught and coached traders who work at the top wall street firms and other professionals from all over the world including doctors, accountants, judges, lawyers, pilots, managers and business owners.

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Trade finance global heard from simon kleine, director at east & partners europe, on the state of the global supply chain market, focussing on uk china trade corridors. Compete successfully and win business based on their inherent strengths.

  live market analysis using supply & demand with simon klein of tradesmart4x. Com was recorded on may 20th, 2020 as part of the synergy traders 13 kick star.

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Simon klein trader

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