Sbi debit card not working for online payment

Sbi debit card not working for online payment

Originally answered my sbi debit card does not work for online transactions, how to fix it? First check, activation status of your debit card and its transaction limit if any locked before. Also, make sure that you are processing your payment with correct debit card detail and also your otp is accessible at the time of payment.

Not activated for online transactions you might be experiencing some issues trying to make payment online if your card is not enabled for online transactions. Not enabled for international payment this could perhaps your card might be working for online purchases but having trouble only with international transactions.

A card may not be accepted at a pos machines due to following reasons-.

Generally, when u have applied for a new debit card even it is activated for physical transactions at atm u may not be able to do an online transaction as the card might not be still activated for online payments due to some security reasons.

What code is in the image? Submit your support id is 8827299554091152694.

Sbi card will validate the credit card number entered by you and post the credit to your card within 2 working days. Failed we regret to inform you that your transaction has been declined by your bank.

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Sbi debit card not working for online payment

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Sbi debit card not working for online payment
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