Satellite phone walmart

Satellite phone walmart

It offers satellite telephony, with bluetooth for handsfree use, voicemail, and text and email messaging.

  the thuraya xt-lite is designed for cost-conscious users who need to stay securely connected. It is one of the only phones that offers dual gsm & satellite voice calling.

In addition to offering iridiums global coverage for voice, data and sms it is also the first satellite phone to offer the fully integrated services of customizable gps, online.

World class support and service when you purchase an isatphone 2 satellite phone from bluecosmo, you get a team of professionals who have been deploying satellite communications since 2003. With clear, reliable voice calling, simple-to-use gps tracking, and sms capabilities, the isatphone 2 is your global communications device.

The lowest priced satellite phone we provide is the inmarsat isatphone 2 on sale for 599. We offer discounted device price with select monthly plans on a 12-month contract. Satellite phone service costs start at around 40 per month to keep the device active with 10 minutes of talk time included.

  for the ultimate in satellite communications the iridium 9575 extreme is the most rugged, and full-featured satellite phone on the market today. Utilizing the iridium network for unparalleled quality and coverage, this ip65 rated handset can be dropped into a puddle and still function for voice calling or sending your gps coordinates via sms or email.

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Satellite phone walmart

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