Richard and maurice mcdonald

Richard and maurice mcdonald

Richard james mcdonald (february 16, 1909 july 14, 1998) and maurice james mcdonald (november 26, 1902 december 11, 1971) were american fast-food restaurateurs. They were the founders of the original mcdonalds restaurant in san bernardino, california and inventors of the speedee service system.

  the old adage that greatness is born out of adversity could certainly be true for richard dick and maurice mcdonald. The brothers were born into a poor family of irish immigrants in rural new hampshire in the early 1900s, and saw their father struggle later in life.

Richard james and maurice james mcdonald were american entrepeneurs who founded the mcdonalds restaurant in san bernardino, california, and inventors of the speedee service system, now commonly known as fast food. Business careers death and legacy references external links business careers.

When ray kroc arrives at mcdonalds, he meets maurice mcdonald, he invites ray to visit their mcdonalds kitchen and explain to him how the system works. Afterwards ray takes them to dinner and the two brothers tells him about the mcdonalds story.

  richard james and maurice james mcdonald are the two brothers who founded mcdonalds, the most successful fast-food restaurant chain in history. They were born in new hampshire but it was in san bernardino, california where they launched mcdonalds.

  maurice mcdonald and his younger brother, richard mcdonald were born in manchester, new hampshire. However, the former was born on november 26, 1902, while the latter was born on february 20, 1909. They grew with their three sisters and their parents who had spanish roots.

  relatives told daily mail online that kroc also cheated richard and maurice mcdonald - who was so torn up he later died of heart failure - out of their.

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Richard and maurice mcdonald

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