Pontiac fiero v8 swap

Pontiac fiero v8 swap

Our fiero v-8 engine conversion kits allow you to install a small block chevy engine into any 19 pontiac fiero. This kit is designed to be a bolt on installation with no frame cutting required. The weight gain for a 4 cylinder to v-8 swap is about 150 pounds, depending.

April 2, 2020 april 15, 2020 1 comment fiero leon thurston from leons garage adventures is building a pontiac fiero with a turbocharged ls3 v8. The engine will feature a holley sniper intake and read more pontiac fiero with a turbo ls3 v8.

6l v8 engine, 4t80e transmission, fuel system, computer and accessories were made to fit in the same spot as the original fiero 2. All of the electronics work together and the original instrument cluster reads rpm and speed properly.

  besides the lack of a kit for swapping a pontiac v8 into a fiero, why arent there any transversely mounted pontiac v8s? The only swaps i have seen are longitudinal in both normal and reverse rotation.

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Pontiac fiero v8 swap

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