Pay with bitcoin on expedia

Pay with bitcoin on expedia

Pay with bitcoin, ethereum and ripple (xrp) on expedia by reynaldo july 6, 2020 expedia partner solutions (eps) is launching a partnership with travala. Com to enable payments with over 30 cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and ripple. In may 2020, travala merged with the leading blockchain travel agency, travelbybit.

Expedia partner solutions (eps) is launching a partnership with travala. Com to enable payments with over 30 cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and ripple. In may 2020, travala merged with the leading blockchain travel agency, travelbybit. In a press release published on july 6th, travala platform announced the launch of a partnership with expedia partner solutions.

  today we announced that expedia is now accepting bitcoin from customers who want to purchase hotels via expedia. I met up with my colleague who led this project, michael gulmann, vice president of global product, to discuss the news and why expedia made a foray into this new technology-driven payment platform.

  more than 700,000 expedia group hotels and accommodations are now available via crypto-friendly travel booking platform travala.

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Expedia confirms no longer accepting bitcoin (btc) for payments bitcoin (btc)a spokesperson for expedia, the popular u. Based travel company which collects over 10 billion usd in annual revenue, has confirmed with cointelegraph that the company will no longer be accepting bitcoin for digital payments.

  in the case of expedia, bitcoin was not the desired method of payment but was instead used to provide an additional service to their customers,.

Travala allows users to pay for their accommodations with more than 30 digital assets including bitcoin (btc), ethereum (eth), xrp, binance coin (bnc), among others, as reported by the online publication mentioned above.

The third night we decided to use expedia because we heard they recently started accepting bitcoin on their site. We found an affordable room and paid with bitcoin through coinbase. We called the hotel to see if they received confirmation of our itinerary and they said nothing had come through.

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Pay with bitcoin on expedia

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