Optus international roaming data

Optus international roaming data

Roam in over 90 destinations with an optus roaming pass and only pay when you use it. Weve got great roaming add-ons with low rates, which you can purchase when travelling overseas with your prepaid service.

  eligible postpaid mobile plans offer unlimited standard talk, sms and monthly data inclusions to use in zone 1 destinations (subject to change). Once youve used your plans roaming data and continue roaming in eligible destinations, you can add an optus roaming pass for 10 per 1gb of data or 24 hours (whichever comes first).

Optus roaming pass is only available in selected destinations (subject to change).

Optus travel allows you to use your optus prepaid mobile broadband service when you travel to some of the most popular overseas destinations.

  international roaming is changing! Our new optus roaming pass will replace the optus travel pack and optus travel data pack on .

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Optus international roaming data

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