Onkyo electric malaysia sdn bhd

Onkyo electric malaysia sdn bhd

(currently a consolidated subsidiary) as a manufacturing company in malaysia june, 1993 dissolved capital alliance with toshiba corporation july, 1993 commenced sales of intec 275 hi-fi component system september, 1993 established onkyo liv corporation (currently a consolidated subsidiary) may, 1994 commenced sales of worlds first thx.

Learn what its like to work for onkyo asia electronics sdn bhd by reading employee ratings and reviews on jobstreet. Home search jobs myjobstreet company profiles career insights more. Highlights company directory onkyo asia electronics sdn bhd electrical & electronics.

Onkyo asia electronics sdn bhd manufactures consumer electronic audio and video equipment products.

The official onkyo site for asia and oceania features information on our home entertainment products, customer support, free downloads, and more.

The company operates in the computer and electronic product manufacturing industry.

Onkyo asia electronics sdn bhd is a supplier in bandar baru bangi, malaysia. Its largest customer is onkyo usa (nj) with most shipments via the port of los angeles, ca.

Sbn 80, bukit lemon, jln tuanku munawir, 70000 seremban, negeri sembilan darul khusus.

Find their customers, contact information, and details on 1722 shipments.

Crystal precision sdn bhd to view more information, request a demonstration of the emis service.

Onkyo (m) sdn bhd 1 jalan p5 kawasan perusahaan section 13, bandar baru bangi, selangor darul ehsan, 60389257490 audio amplifiers, audio equipment, audio equipment & supplies, audio visual equipment, cd accessories whsle & mfrs, electrical accessories whsle & mfrs, high fidelity & stereophonic equipment dealers, supplies & service.

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Onkyo electric malaysia sdn bhd

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