Nolan x lite x 802rr ultra carbon

Nolan x lite x 802rr ultra carbon

X-lite x-802rr ultra carbon helmet review january 9, 2019 1231 pm awst the name might be a mouthful, but the x-lite x-802rr is easily the most gorgeous full-face helmet on the planet. This, as you may or may not know, is the diabolically pointy end of nolans solid range of mostly excellent italian helmets.

X-lite x-802rr ultra carbon helmet review this, as you may or may not know, is the diabolically pointy end of nolans solid range of mostly excellent italian helmets.

The x-lite x-802rr takes the game up a notch and comes in with a comprehensive carbon fiber shell, as an exclusive flagship product in the racing helmet line up.

The visor on the x-802 rr is an ultra-wide, double action one with a silicone sealed profile or full silicone border (fsb). A pinlock anti-fog lens is included in the box which can be attached with minimal effort, thanks to pre-installed pinlock compatible pins on the inside.

  the nolan group produce helmets under three names, nolan, x-lite and grex. So you might see this helmet sold as the nolan x-802rr or the x-lite x 802rr. Well call it an x-lite here because thats what its generally being sold as in the uk. The x802rr is x-lites premium racing helmet designed with sports bike riders in mind.

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Nolan x lite x 802rr ultra carbon

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