Nifty weekly max pain

Nifty weekly max pain

Max pain, or the max pain price for nifty, is the strike price with the most open contract puts and calls - and the price at which the stock would cause financial losses for.

  nifty max pain max pain, or the max pain price for nifty, is the strike price with the most open contract puts and calls - and the price at which the stock would cause financial losses for the largest number of option holders at expiration.

  banknifty max pain max pain, or the max pain price for banknifty, is the strike price with the most open contract puts and calls - and the price at which the stock would cause financial losses for the largest number of option holders at expiration.

This sheet shows max pain of the current and monthly banknifty weekly options! Thats it.

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Nifty max pain what is max painoption pain? Max pain is the point where option buyers feel maximum painloss or will stand to lose the most money and option sellers, on the other hand, may stand to reap the most reward. In general, 90 of the options expire worthless, hence option writerssellers tend to make money more often, more consistently than the option buyers.

Nifty option pain is also known as max option pain or max pain.

  if the markets are above the max pain level and max pain is not at all moving. So we can look for selling call options as we are expecting the market to cool off. If the index is trading below the max pain and 2 pm has already passed. Then we can expect the market to see some buying or short covering.

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Nifty weekly max pain

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