Msp airport parking prices

Msp airport parking prices

When you prebook your parking (at least 24 hours before you travel), you dont have to worry about getting a spot.

Hourly parking at terminal 1 and terminal 2 is 5 for the first hour and 3hour after that. Those flying out of terminal 1 will have to take the light rail after parking.

49day! This airport parking deal comes with free cancellations and a free 247 shuttle service to get to minneapolis st. Purchase now and experience a new and affordable way to get to the airport! Prices start at 6.

With that being said, there are three different parking options at the minneapolis airport. To guarantee a parking space at the airport, you can pay an additional fee to sign up for the epark elite. You can find rates for the msp hourly parking lot below 1hr-5.

Lowest daily rate parking at msp airport, with direct connection to terminal 1 via light rail. When time and convenience matter valet parking is only available at msp terminal 1. Follow signs past rental car return ramp from inbound roadway.

No matter how long youll be away, theres no question that finding the best msp parking rates is important.

Compare prices for msp airport parking minneapolis-saint paul international airport - terminal 2 minneapolis-saint paul international airport - terminal 2 7150 humphrey drive, minneapolis, minnesota united states 55450.

Paul airport parking rates & options parking at the minneapolis-st. Paul airport costs from 5 for short-term parking to 40 per day valet parking. See below for a full set of short and long-term parking prices and options at minneapolis-st.

Should a guests stay exceed 120 minutes, the fee charged would correspond to the price indicated for the relevant time band following the deduction of the complimentary 120 minutes. After the first 24 hours, guests will be charged 15 for every additional day. Please find our parking rates below 10 to 60 min 1 hr to 2 hrs 2 to 3 hrs 3 to 5 hrs 5 to 12 hrs 12 to 24 hrs additional days.

The official car parks - covered and uncovered - of milan malpensa airport guarantee more safety to your car and allow greater comfort and speed. In fact, parking in the official parking lots of malpensa airport saves you a great deal of time, since all the parking lots are located either directly connected to the check-in area or a short walk from the terminals.

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Msp airport parking prices

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