Market depth map

Market depth map

Market depth map helps traders identify potential levels of support and resistance each price level takes on a different color depending on the volume of corresponding dom levels. The higher the volume, the greater the intensity of the color on the chart. This also correlates to a higher probability of identifying a support or resistance level.

How the market depth map works once applied to a chart, the market depth map indicator plots the progression of the limit order book in real-time. As the chart advances, more historical market depth information becomes visible behind past price bars.

  the market depth map plots the progression of the order book in real-time. As time elapses, historical market depth can be seen in addition to incoming order book data. Current market depth can be seen in the area to the right of the current price bar.

The market depth map helps traders identify potential levels of support and resistance by analyzing the volumes of limit order book (dom).

  the heatmap displays true and non-aggregated market depth data with a precision of up to the pixel resolution of your monitor. This should be better than not being able to see their actions.

I would like the option to draw the real-time depth details without also having to draw the market depth map. It would also be great to be able to filter the market depth shown on the real-time depth details ie only show levels greater than x.

This is an introduction to the ninja trader market depth map with examples of potential uses within your strategy. We also compare the nt8 market depth with bookmap and see the extra features and benefits that bookmap contains.

  the amount of market depth available will be controlled by your data feed. 10 levels on either side is relatively standard, but some feeds (rithmic, for example) may be able to provide more levels of market depth. If youre connecting with a live brokerage account, id recommend reaching out to your broker to find out more regarding your options for more levels of market depth.

A depth chart for a bidask market has two lines, one for bids (buy orders) and one for asks (sell orders). Gdax live chart has an green line for bids (buy orders), a red line for asks (sell orders). Each dot on a depth chart line represents how much can be traded at that point.

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Market depth map

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