Market depth map

Market depth map

The market depth map helps traders identify potential levels of support and resistance by analyzing the volumes of limit order book (dom). Each price level takes on a different color depending on the volume of corresponding dom level. The higher the volume, the greater the intensity of color and, the greater the intensity of color, the higher the.

As with many of ninjatraders charting tools, the market depth map can be customized to users preferences. A custom display is demonstrated below with bid depth shaded green and ask depth shaded red.

  the market depth map plots the progression of the order book in real-time. As time elapses, historical market depth can be seen in addition to incoming order book data. Current market depth can be seen in the area to the right of the current price bar. Information appearing above the current price is ask depth and below the current price is bid depth.

The order book is a list of buy & sell orders organized by price level consisting of 3 parts buy orders, sell orders, and order history.

  this is an introduction to the ninja trader market depth map with examples of potential uses within your strategy.

  a depth chart for a bidask market has two lines, one for bids (buy orders) and one for asks (sell orders). Gdax live chart has an green line for bids (buy orders), a red line for asks (sell orders). Each dot on a depth chart line represents how much can be traded at that point.

The depth of market displays the current market for a trading symbol. This tool provides the ability of quick and easy order management. To open the depth of market window of a financial instrument, click depth of market in the context menu of the market watch.

Depth of market, aka the order book, is a window that shows how many open buy and sell orders there are at different prices for a security. Lets say the current price is 1, the dom will show how many orders there are at 0. Its a great tool to see where the supply and demand levels are.

Im currently looking at incorporating some visual order flow tools into my trading. Been looking at bookmap and then also nt8 who brought out a similar tool called order flow market depth map.

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Market depth map

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