Manulife universal life investment options

Manulife universal life investment options

Coverage starts at 50,000 or 100,000 depending on the options chosen choose from a wide range of investment account options or opt for the simplicity of one investment account linked to the performax gold investment fund low management fee structure guaranteed rate.

The performance of your universal life insurance policy depends to a large extent on your investment mix and how it is affected by economic and business cycles. Here you will find the current and historical rates of return for the accounts available in our universal life insurance plans. This information will help you manage your policy to achieve the goals you set for it.

Today, you may be looking for simple, permanent protectionbut its nice to know you have the option to enhance your coverage in the future. Get insurance that is easy to understand and manage with security ul universal life insurance that gives you guaranteed minimum interest investment account.

The tables below list the investment accounts available to the following policies innovision limited pay ul secured protection ultravision ul100 navi-vision security ul future protection. Use both the investment account code and investment account name when completing forms.

Your life is busy, and your family or business needs may change often. You need life insurance that will grow and change with you to help protect the people who matter most. Innovision is a full-featured, flexible universal life insurance contract you can customize to fit your current and future priorities, as well as your tax, wealth accumulation and estate planning goals.

Rates & performance for manulife universal life insurance funds fund name or code search filters.

Your life is filled with many successes, and perhaps your next milestone would be to leave a successful legacy for your loved ones. Enhance your legacy with heirloom (vii), a universal life insurance plan denominated in us dollars. Designed to protect and manage your wealth, it offers the benefits of high insurance coverage and cash value accumulation.

With variable life insurance policies, part of your payment goes to buying units from different investment funds, allowing you to participate in the potentially higher yields of stocks and bonds and thereby likely increasing the long term value of your savings. You may even be allowed to increase or top up your plans, enabling you to boost your savings profiles even further.

Manulife investment management has demonstrated expertise in sub-advising sma portfolios for our financial partners and their clients since 2001. We believe that a three way partnership between investment manager, financial advisor and the investor, creates a solution that allows financial advisors to build portfolios that can be tailored to unique individual needs.

There may be high costs involved if you terminate the policy early, and your policys surrender value (if any) may be zero or less than the total premiums paid. Your investments are subject to investment risks, and you may lose the principal amount invested. The performance of the investready fund(s) is not guaranteed.

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Manulife universal life investment options

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