Is hostplus a smsf

Is hostplus a smsf

Hostplus self-managed invest (smi) provides smsf investors with unique access to high-performing investments, previously available to hostplus members only. By investing in hostplus smi, you can enjoy the benefits of investing with one of australias top superannuation providers, while maintaining control of your smsf.

  hostplus has continued its efforts to engage with self-managed super funds (smsfs) to help retain and grow its funds under management (fum), launching a product that would allow smsf investors to become unit holders in the industry funds investment options.

Industry funds and any fund open to the general public is not an smsf. Youll know if you have an smsf as you will have filled out a ton of paperwork and paid some serious to an accountant to set it up.

  hostplus has continued its efforts to engage with self-managed super funds (smsfs) to help retain and grow its funds under management (fum), launching a product that would allow smsf investors to become unit holders in the industry funds investment options.

  the average member account balance for hostplus is 37,000.

  hostplus has been the first fund to do this through its hostplus self-managed invest (smi) but it is unlikely to be the last if this launch proves successful. Smi enables smsfs to invest in six of hostplus 23 investment options, including its balanced option, the indexed balanced option, an infrastructure investment option and a property investment option.

Hostplus is the industry superannuation fund for employees in hospitality, tourism, recreation and sport.

Smsf funds are not regulated by apra, theyre regulated by the ato, therefore theyre not issued with an sfn.

Smsf owners will be required to invest minimum of 10,000 in one of the six self-managed invest (smi) options, but they wont have to become members of hostplus itself.

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Is hostplus a smsf

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