Is cobinhood legit

Is cobinhood legit

People cant withdraw (after being verified), support seems to have no idea whats going on, etc. Has anyone had a good experience with cobinhood or are they another exchange with a shill coin to push? 17 comments.

Cobinhood is a quality exchange that excels at offering zero transaction fees trading. It offers underwriting services and a nice, expanding collection of tokens that can be traded via a quality interface. It will be a good option for anyone wanting to trade cryptocurrency, from the absolute beginner to most advanced traders.

Update cobinhood has performed an exit scam, fleeing with its investors money. This rating was conducted prior to the incident and portrays the picture at the time of rating. We updated its score to zero (previously 6) and flagged it as a scam. Cobinhood is a cayman islands-based cryptocurrency exchange, with headquarters in taiwan.

Its very legit, and also even more than that 0 fees is a game changer! Popo has been on many youtube crypto channels talking about his cobinhood project and it is very legit. Popo has been on many youtube crypto channels talking about his cobinhood project and it is very legit.

Com they also talked about that this will be the worlds first cryptocurrency exchange capable of high freq.

  hello guy i know this web but i need proof everyone because it very critical to invest without considering carefully so please comment.

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Is cobinhood legit

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Is cobinhood legit

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