Ip reporter antminer s9

Ip reporter antminer s9

Ip scan tool ip reporter can find your antminer in your network.

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Ip reporter is an application that helps you find the ip address of your new miner. To use ip reporter, you need a computer that is on the same network as the miner with the microsoft windows operating system. Please note that our ip reporter works only with windows, and therefore the pc cannot scan the ip addresses of miners using other operating systems. When your miner is connected to a power source and connected to the same network, download ip.

On the miner control board, press and hold the ip report button for five seconds, until it beeps. The miner ip address will appear on your computer screen on your pc, open an internet browser (note supported browsers are google chrome and firefox) and enter the ip address to the browser address bar.

1) download ip reporter or other similar softwares from miner producers website 2) run the software and click start 3) press ip report button for about 1 second 4) the software will show the ip address of the miner you are operating.

After clicking start go to your antminer and press the ip report push button for 5 minutes to get the ip. After you click the ipreport button for a couple of minutes it will a popup will appear in your ipreport. Exe and will show the ip and mac address of your s9 antminer. Open your browser and type the ip address that appear on your.

Main tools and instruction for image sd card for recover the control board of the antminers.

There is an ip report button on the front side of antminer t9. Make sure your computer and the miners are under the same network. Power on the miner, and wait for about 13 minutes (the miner needs time to connect itself to the router. Some miners may need longer time (17 minutes) to connect itself to your network).

About 15 - 30minutes to connect with pool and detect ip adress to.

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Ip reporter antminer s9

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Ip reporter antminer s9
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