Investec jse share price

Investec jse share price

(inl), including company share information, share price history, price data such as the market cap, consensus forecast.

Inljohannesburg stock quote - investec ltd - bloomberg markets.

Latest share price and events stable share price inl is not significantly more volatile than the rest of za stocks over the past 3 months, typically moving - 5 a week. Volatility over time inls weekly volatility has decreased from 10 to 5 over the past year.

Financial overview of the jse listed company investec plc (inp), including company share information, share price history, price data such as the market cap, consensus forecast, company news, sens.

  historical share price look-up investor information the jse & bee calendar of.

Historical share price look-up investor information the jse & bee calendar of events client portal.

Stable share price inlp is less volatile than 75 of za stocks over the past 3 months, typically moving - 3 a week. Volatility over time inlps weekly volatility (3) has been stable over the past year.

For instruments denominated in gbx, the trade value is in gbp when the traded currency is gbx or gbp.

  non-executive director changes investec limited investec plc incorporated in the republic of south africa incorporated in england and wales registration number 192500283306 registration number 3633621 jse share code inl lse share code invp nsx share code ivd jse share code inp bse share code investec isin gb00b17bbq50 isin zae000081949 lei.

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Investec jse share price

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