Icc tradeflow platform

Icc tradeflow platform

Icc tradeflow is a revolutionary blockchain solution that allows enterprises to move from cumbersome & inefficient manual systems to a powerful new interoperable digital framework.

  icc tradeflow will allow businesses to visually map out trade flows, issue instructions to partners, and analyse trade actions in real time. On the platform, businesses can upload, verify, and modify trade documents, as well as act upon instructions from trading partners.

  as part of its commitment to the digitisation of trade, the international chamber of commerce (icc) recently launched icc tradeflow, a blockchain platform designed to streamline trade processes for business.

Dubbed as the icc tradeflow platform, the initiative aims to streamline trade flows by eliminating manual paper-based processes. The announcement said the blockchain platform could potentially reduce end-to-end document transit time to 20 days from 45 days.

The open-sourced blockchain platform - known as the icc tradeflow platform - will facilitate this month a trafigura shipment of iron ore from africa to china, a press release from dbs on wednesday said. The platform is built on imdas tradetrust, which is being developed as a globally trusted network.

Singapore, to leverage singapores global trade connectivity, dbs bank and trafigura, in collaboration with infocomm media development authority (imda), the international chamber of commerce (icc), enterprise singapore and tradetech perlin, have come together to develop an open-sourced blockchain trade platform (icc tradeflow platform) to connect trade partners across.

Dbs bank has partnered with a group of vendors and government bodies to develop a new open source trade finance blockchain project, the icc tradeflow platform. The bank has been joined by commodities trading firm trafigura, the infocomm.

  one of the first platforms built on the tradetrust framework is icc tradeflow.

  icc tradeflow, a blockchain platform developed by icc and perlin to simplify the trade documentation process for all, was the first project built on the tradetrust network.

One of the first platforms built on the tradetrust framework is icc tradeflow. Icc tradeflow was co-developed by icc together with trade tech firm, perlin, in collaboration with imda, commodities trader trafigura, and dbs bank.

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Icc tradeflow platform

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