How to stop mt4 from updating

How to stop mt4 from updating

Windows uac stops mt4 update process and asks for your confirmation. If you answer no, your trading platform will not be upgraded and you will be able to use the current version you have installed. Ive answered yes and my mt4 platforms are restarted in a few moments.

Personally i do not recommend working with old metatrader 4 terminals. But if thats what you want then theres a simple trick you can use to stop mt4 from updating itself. You need to have a user account control (or uac for short) option enabled on your computer. This can be done in the control panel and then user accounts.

  fortunately there is an easy way to prevent metatrader from automatically updating itself. Simply invoke it with the skipupdate command line parameter. To achieve that in alwaysup open your mt4 application settings in alwaysup (by double-clicking on the entry or selecting application edit from the menu).

How do i stop metatrader terminal 4 offline chart from updating the price on its own? I want to update the price on my own because of the difference in timezone with my broker.

  my broker recently issued build 226 for mt4 and it is constantly crashing now. Im removing all of them and going back to build 225, but it keeps wanting to auto update it to build 226.

  if mt4 does not ask you before updating itself, the probably you have disabled user account control settings (uac) on your windows. So whenever another mt4 installation downloads new updates, all your mt4 installations will be updated automatically when you launch them.

  hi guys i need to know is there anyway to disable my mt4 connection & disconnection sound also i am using moving average crossing indicator means whenever they crossed each than alram produced i also want to disable that alram sound but seems iam.

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How to stop mt4 from updating

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