How to get the master architect achievement in skyrim

How to get the master architect achievement in skyrim

How to unlock the master architect achievement in the elder scrolls v skyrim build three houses.

  you need to combine the land baron achievement and the architect achievement.

Master architect achievement in the elder scrolls v skyrim (xbox 360) 2 by mr funman master architect trophy in the elder scrolls v skyrim special edition (ps4) 1 by pancakewizard.

Do this for all three wings and you will earn the trophy for architect. Do this for all three plots of land and you will earn master architect. Note that you dont have to furnish any of your rooms or build any exterior buildings for these trophies it is solely the small house, main hall and three wings that are required.

First you need to build the small house, then finish the main hall. For the architect achievement you need then to build three wings at your house.

The console commands below will give you ownership of the three plots of land and all of the required materials to build the houses.

Do i really need to build three giant houses, complete with all house stuff, just to get the master architect? Or can i simply build three little houses, add stuff and let it be at that? Just trying to get the last achievement in my game.

Make sure to keep a back up save before you finish it as sometimes the game can glitch and not give you the achievement.

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How to get the master architect achievement in skyrim

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How to get the master architect achievement in skyrim

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