Firstwrap plus super

Firstwrap plus super

Firstwrap plus super, pension and investments offers your clients comprehensive investment choice, convenient administration, and the flexibility to design a portfolio to suit their investment needs. Asset classes cash, fixed interest, managed accounts, managed funds, asx listed securities, other unlisted investments minimum initial contribution 20,000.

  firstwrap plus super was established in 2002 to provide for the retirement needs of members from a wide range of industries. Firstwrap plus super provides access to managed accounts, more than 400 managed funds and other unlisted investments.

Before you complete your application, you should read the information contained in the product disclosure statement (provided by your financial adviser), as well as the other important information brochure, the investment list, ails financial services guide and, if you are considering insurance cover, the lifeprotect insurance brochure.

Firstwrap is issued and operated by avanteos investments limited trading as colonial first state custom solutions abn 20 096 259 979, afsl 245531 (ail). Ail is the trustee of the avanteos superannuation trust abn 38 876 896 681. Ail is owned ultimately by commonwealth bank of australia abn 48 123 123 124.

  firstwrap plus super pension was established in 2002 to provide for the retirement needs of members from a wide range of industries. Firstwrap plus pension provides access to managed accounts, more than 400 managed funds and other unlisted investments.

2 firstwrap contents regulatory changes 3 proposed changes 6 product information 7 investment information 8 investment strategy classifications 9 financial statements 13 general information 16 the trustee annual report 20122013 (the report) is issued by avanteos investments limited abn 20 096 259 931 (the trustee or.).

Fee reductions and other changes to firstwrap plus and firstwrap from this year, were making changes to firstwrap plus and firstwrap to simplify our fees and comply with legislation to remove grandfathered conflicted remuneration. In june 2019 we rolled out fee reductions to over 500,000 members across firstwrap plus, firstwrap and firstchoice.

Ail is the trustee of the avanteos superannuation trust abn 38 876 896 681 which includes firstwrap plus super and pension and is the operator of the avanteos wrap account service abn 47 953 207 793 which includes firstwrap plus investments. Ail is owned ultimately by commonwealth bank of australia abn 48 123 123 145 (the bank).

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There is no minimum account balance requirement however, minimum 0. 5 of the value of the account plus the value of any group insurance premiums due over the next three months must be held within cash account. The omniport supers lifeprotect insurance offering allows eligible members to apply for up to 5. 5 million of death cover and up to up to 3 million of tpd cover.

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Firstwrap plus super

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