Exchange itunes gift card to btc

Exchange itunes gift card to btc

  your job is to simply locate a seller who is ready to sell you bitcoins in exchange for your itunes gift card. Now, bear in mind that you have to pay a small fee to paxful for facilitating this exchange, at 1 of the transaction value.

Begin the trade if you are satisfied with the sellers terms, enter the amount of bitcoin you want to buy, and start the trade. Follow the instructions of the seller to make the payment and confirm it. Receive the bitcoin the seller will then release the bitcoin directly into your paxful wallet.

You have a stack of gift cards that you are not using, why not convert them to bitcoin to make more profit? Coincola is the best place to buy bitcoin with gift card. It is easy and convenient and supports virtually all of todays popular gift cards like amazon gift card, itunes gift card, google play gift card, and more.

The platform allows you to trade your unwanted gift cards for bitcoin. Once you type in the number of your card, youll get an offer which is usually up to 80 of the total amount right now you can exchange the card from walmart, starbucks, best buy, target, itunes, and more.

  each gift card contains a unique code (a long sequence of numbers). In order to use the gift card you will need to first open the gift card package and retrieve the unique code, and then insert this unique code when you make the payment on the app store or itunes.

In this case, youll be able to find sellers who accept e-codes and balances over 3000 usd. Contact the seller and indicate the balance you want to exchange. Send your cards code, add an image of the email apple sent you or a picture of the physical card.

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Exchange itunes gift card to btc

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