Easy odd count peyote stitch

Easy odd count peyote stitch

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  this option involves a bit of weaving through beads to fiddle yourself into place. It might sound confusing at first, but once you get into the rhythm, its very easy. Many of the people i have taught use this method to learn odd count peyote. When you get to the final bead at the end of your row, your thread will be exiting from bead x (red arrow).

  heres a cool trick to make odd-count peyote as easy as even-count peyote. String the first bead in the next row (bead 6) and work peyote stitches back towards the tail (bead 7).

  learn three different ways to conquer those pesky odd-count turns!for more kits and supplies check out httpshop.

Odd count peyote stitch peyote stitch is one of the most popular and easy to learn bead-weaving stitches.

  odd-count peyote stitch is worked from an initial row with an odd number of beads. Flat, odd-count peyote stitch requires a special turn at the end of every other row in order to get into position to continue bead-weaving. There are a few different ways to make this turn, depending on what you want your finished peyote stitch pattern to look like.

  like regular peyote stitch, there is an even count version of the stitch and an odd count version of the stitch. Since the first row of the love affirmation pattern uses six columns of two beads each, it is an even count peyote stitch. Even count peyote stitch is always slightly easier than odd count peyote stitch.

Flat odd count peyote stitch looks pretty similar to the even count but you need to start it with an odd number of beads. This can make turning around to add a new row of beads a little more challenging. You can create a central focus in your flat odd count peyote stitch designs that just isnt possible with even count.

In this video, kelly shows you how to complete 3-drop odd count peyote stitch. Its a mouthful and sounds complicated but its not so bad once you understand basic odd count peyote stitch. I really love the design that she shows and you can download the free pattern here.

Next, i want you to try a little sample of odd count tubular peyote. You can go back to the start of the section learning even count. When you reach the end, you will find that you dont have anywhere to step up you can just keep on beading.

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Easy odd count peyote stitch

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