Doge amazon petition

Doge amazon petition

Org in september 2018 by a user named mark e with the goal of attracting 25,000 signatures.

  the doge4amazon petition was launched in september 2018 by a user named marke. With a goal of 25,000 signatures, he was able to get around 45,000 signatures by february 1, 2021. And now, the petition has suddenly crossed 100,000 signatures as it was shared in the dogecoin community.

The doge4amazon petition states currently amazon does not accept crypto-currencies as a payment method alienating many people who do not have a traditional bank account. Com to be one of the first major companies to see the power of dogecoin and to accept it as a payment method.

Lets get to 1,000! I am starting this petition because i think amazon should start accepting the crypto currency (dogecoin) as a form of payment.

  at the time of writing, the petition to amazon has collected 8,295 signatures. This gives it far more signatories than a previous one to google play and an ongoing one targeted at major cryptocurrency exchanges. The petition to have dogecoin accepted on google play had only 1,463 signatures, while the petition aimed at crypto exchanges is at 2,706 and counting.

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Doge amazon petition

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