Components of time series slideshare

Components of time series slideshare

  components of time series-br the change which are being in time series, they are effected by economic, social, natural, industrial & political reasons.

Secular trend or trend seasonal variationsfluctuations cyclical variationsfluctuations irregular variationsmovements 7. Secular trend or trend the general tendency of the data to grow or decline over a long period of time.

  components of the time seriesliliullimathematical models of time seriesbr additive modelbr 1. We assume that the data is the sum of the time series components.

  components of a time series the pattern or behavior of the data in a time series has several components.

  time series patterns can be described in terms of four basic classes of components trend, seasonal, cyclical, and irregular. Trend component simply, trend is the long term direction of a time series. A trend exists when there is a long-term increase or decrease in the data. Sometimes we will refer to a trend changing direction when it might go from an increasing trend to a decreasing trend.

Any time series can contain some or all of the following components 1.

  a time series is a sequence of data points, typically consisting of successive measurements made over a time interval.

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Components of time series slideshare

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