Complete list of ndf currencies

Complete list of ndf currencies

Markets or deposits in local currency, the ndf prices for that currency are based primarily on the expected future level of the spot exchange rate. For example, in the fall of 2003, ndf prices for the chinese yuan declined to historic lows, primarily due to expectations that chinese authorities would allow the yuan to appreciate against the dollar.

Deltastock offers competitive trading conditions for cfds on the currency pairs listed below.

What are the restricted currencies? Angola angolan kwanza aoa armenia armenian dram amd bahamas bahamian dollar bsd barbados barbadian dollar bbd belize belize dollar bzd brazil brazilian real brl cameroon central african franc xaf chile chilean peso php china chinese yuan or chinese renminbi cny.

In 2014, the wmr spot rates service was enhanced to include the wmr tokyo benchmark service covering 24 currencies against jpy, usd, gbp and eur.

Some of the major currencies in the world where ndf market is available on dollar denominated differential trade are chinese renminbi, indonesian rupiah, indian rupee, south korean won, malaysian ringgit, philippine peso, new taiwan dollar, vietnamese dong, egyptian pound, kazakh tenge, nigerian naira, argentine peso, brazilian real, chilean peso, colombian peso, costa rican.

Brazilian real is the second most actively traded currency in ndf market after the korean won with an average daily turnover of usd 18. The growth and development of ndf market is attributed to the existence of large and well developed foreign exchange futures market.

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Complete list of ndf currencies

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