Bukhatir investments ltd

Bukhatir investments ltd

Is associated with building and civil engineering contracting, real estate and land development, property management, hotel ownership, import and distribution of building.

Also known as bil, bukhatir group last updated on fast facts business summary holding company with interests in civil contracting for commercial and residential building projects provides real estate property investment, development and management manufacture of prefabricated buildings, tiles.

Also known as bil, bukhatir group last updated on fast facts business summary holding company with interests in civil contracting for commercial and residential building projects provides real estate property investment, development and management manufacture of prefabricated buildings.

Bukhatir investments ltd phone and map of address ground floor, al safa building, hisn avenue (bank street), al marijah, sharjahlandmark near mashreq bank, sharjah, business reviews, consumer complaints and ratings for investment companies & advisers in sharjah.

  company name bukhatir investments ltd address sharjah po box 88 tel 06-5683444 fax 06-5683444 email website nature of business holding - uae contact and business location.

The bukhatir group is one of the largest and most diversified business houses in the united arab emirates. Its main interests straddle construction, education, information technology, real estate, shopping and retail, sports and leisure, and services.

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Bukhatir investments ltd middle east uae sharjah address po box 88, sharjah, united arab emirates phone 971 6 5352444 fax 971 6 5523937 domestic branches home middle east uae sharjah contact business categories. Advisors & consultants back home news library newsletters.

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Bukhatir investments ltd

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