Bison beam dimensions

Bison beam dimensions

All bison precast flooring systems are supported by comprehensive layout drawings, specifications and relevant details applicable to each application. There are three beam types which are produced in standard profiles of 150 x 125mm, 150 x 215mm and 225 x 135mm (depth x width) to give a range of capacities to suit all loading options.

All bison precast flooring systems are supported by comprehensive layout drawings, specifications and details relevant to each application.

Founded in 1919 by two royal engineers who created the pillboxes used on the western front in the first world war, bison precast has come a long way. Throughout our history, we have built innovation and passion into every component while delivering speed, strength and quality to the industry sectors weve come to know and understand.

Beam packs meet the requirements of 85 of all merchant sales packs are strapped and clearly labelled making them easy to store, transport and re-order beam packs type dimensions (mm) description pack quantity pack weight (kg) product code beam pack 3000 t-beam 8 822 tbmpck 300 3600 t-beam 8 985 tbmpck 360 4200 t-beam 8 1148 tbmpck 420 4800 t-beam 8 1312.

On a beam and block floor, it may be necessary to reduce the beam centres therefore these checks must be applied at the design stage. How do i design for movable partitions? If the floor is able to laterally distribute partition loads, it may be possible to design the floor using a partition allowance.

150mm concrete beams are most commonly used in domestic house building projects, garages, extensions, conservatories etc. The load span chart below clearly shows the maximum span for the required loading using either aerated, medium or high density infill blocks and 65mm screed. Note that for domestic garages a 75mm mesh reinforced screed applied directly to the top of the beam and block.

Specifications & details installation videos testing leed sites cad details discover pricing layout your project bimobject company.

The system is rot and draught proof and forms a strong base for thermal insulation. Wide range of applications ranging from commercial to personal properties. Manufactured in the slip form method providing a textured finish to facilitate improved bonding performance. Designed and manufactured in accordance with bs en eurocode 2.

Pedestals wood tiles 2cm pavers paver trays site furnishings since 1994, bison innovative products has led the industry in designing and manufacturing versatile pedestals, pavers, and.

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Bison beam dimensions

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Bison beam dimensions
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