Best pearl harbor tour

Best pearl harbor tour

For those wanting a more intimate experience on their history tour, this small-group tour is just the thing only you and nine others come along on this half-day tour that explores downtown honolulu and pearl harbors memorials and museums, including a tour of the uss arizona.

Take a day trip from maui island and experience one of the best pearl harbor tours. Wander the uss missouri and see where the surrender agreement was signed before heading to downtown honolulu to see the sights.

  15 best pearl harbor tours hawaii pearl harbor and uss arizona small group tour pearl harbor & uss arizona memorial tour with pick-up oahu official uss arizona memorial narrated audio tour passport to pearl harbor official full-day ticket honolulu 6-hour pearl harbor & uss arizona memorial hawaii uss arizona memorial & battleship missouri tour.

See honolulus top attractions on this tour which includes a drive through downtown honolulu, puchbowl cemetry and a visit to pearl harbor.

  there are four main attractions to visit at pearl harbor (1) uss arizona memorial, (2) battleship missouri memorial, (3) pacific aviation museum and (4) uss bowfin submarine museum & park. All attractions are at-cost except for the uss arizona memorial. Tickets to the uss arizona memorial are free but only available on a first come, first served basis.

Each of our pearl harbor tours includes a fast-track ticket to view a 23-minute documentary film about the japanese attack on pearl harbor that brought the united states into world war 2.

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Best pearl harbor tour

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