Baseline progressive photoshop

Baseline progressive photoshop

  baseline (optimized) pro reduces file size by optimizing colors in the image (ie. Con not supported by all browsers (but it is supported by virtually all those in use today). Progressive (scanning) pro downloads the images in passes, or scans, allowing it to be viewed before its completely downloaded.

Save the image once using baseline, and again using progressive with quality maxed out to 12. Open the two saved copies, and name the layers so you know how they were saved. (select the layers and go edit auto align layers and choose reposition.).

  you can convert from baseline to progressive and vice versa.

Photoshop is set up by default to work in the argb color space, which is a bit wider than the srgb color space. If you export a jpg image in the argb color space it will not have the correct colors when viewed on the web or on a smart device.

Baseline progressive creates an image that will display gradually as its downloaded. Means that the image is rendered as scan lines (like the old-fashioned tvs used) so that a browser will quickly show a reduced quality image of half the scan lines while it resolves the complete image. Verdict baseline optimized is the best choice among all three.

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Baseline progressive photoshop

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