Backtest mt4 90 quality

Backtest mt4 90 quality

How to perform accurate backtests in mt4 to reach 99 modelling quality using free tick data and real variable spread metatrader 4 can reach 90 modelling quality at its best by default and it cannot incorporate real variable spread.

In pratice i show you the backtest result of a scalper from the mql5 market regular mt4 data backtest (90 quality) - vs. - real tick backtest using dukascopy data (99) maybe you now have a first idea why your tests look good, but your live results fail.

  since build 940 of metatrader 4, 90 is maximum modelling quality attainable in backtests without resorting to custom tick data hacks. 9 modelling quality can be achieved by using third-party tick data converted to metatraders custom.

  demonstrates how to back-test your expert advisers (eas) with metatrader and get 99 modelling quality in 5 simple steps.

A video describing how to back-test your metatrader expert advisers (ea) with 99 modelling quality in 5 simple steps.

  there are many procedures available over internet, how to get 99. Here i will share a simple method which is explained here in details.

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Backtest mt4 90 quality

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Backtest mt4 90 quality

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