Australian super indexed diversified

Australian super indexed diversified

Australiansuper indexed diversified responsible entity australiansuper pty ltd apir code sectorasset class multisector growth morningstar rating (as at ) legal structure superannuation fund fund inception fund size 1002.

Its designed to have medium to long-term growth with possible short-term fluctuations. The investment returns shown are for the super (accumulation) product for periods to .

6 109307 164307 14307 11270 18251 quartile ranking 2 3 1 1 1 performance criteria.

22 international ssga international fi pooled trust loans fi liquidity 5.

Unit name australian super indexed diversified option sector mixed asset - growth launch date 30-jun-2008 fund size (as at 01-jan-1901)-primary asset class mixed asset inc acc accumulation ratings price and charges exit price (as at 23-feb-2021)-management fee - codes citicode mgmx apir management information address gpo box 1901, melbourne, vic, 3001 tel.

Based on the australiansuper balanced investment option compared to the superratings fund crediting rate survey sr50 balanced (6076) index, periods to returns from equivalent investment options of the arf and sta super funds are used in calculating returns for periods that begin before .

Composite consists of 60 mscimercer australia core wholesale monthly property fund index, 20 msciaref uk quarterly property fund index hedged to aud and 20 ncreif fund index open end diversified core equity hedged to aud. Prior to , the benchmark was mscimercer australia core wholesale monthly property fund index.

Super is the largest asset most people will ever own, after the family home. Its your money, and we invest to help make sure youre going to get the most out of it. As australias largest super fund, we take advantage of opportunities that arent available to smaller funds. These include large unlisted assets like kings cross, ausgrid and westconnex.

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Australian super indexed diversified

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