Australian self publishing group

Australian self publishing group

Join a community of passionate authors, publishers and entrepreneurs who want to write, publish and profit from their work. Want to publish, market and promote your book? More information. Po box 159 calwell act 2905 australia, phone 02 62912904, international 61 (0) 262912904.

The australian self-publishing group can help you achieve your goal by providing you with your own experienced public relations and marketing account manager. They will help you to get you on the right social media channels for your book, engage with your audience, and get the conversations going.

Self publishing group australia join a community of passionate authors, publishers and entrepreneurs who want to write, self-publish and profit from their work.

The australian self-publishing group pty ltd is one of the leading specialists in self-publishing, promotion and marketing of print books and ebooks. Aspg have been promoting books at international book fairs around the world for over 10 years. This has resulted in many authors books being picked up by traditional publishers.

Since 2006 self publish australia has provided book publishing, beautiful book cover design, book printing services and self publishing support for independent authors & business at economical prices - small or large print runs of paperback books, hardcover casebound, childrens books, photobook coffee table publications and beautiful cook books.

Darwin bookseller sean guy on stocking self-published books, and handselling the firebringer sean guy is a bookseller at the bookshop darwin, and the author of 14 novels. He spoke to australian self-publisher about his experience selling his own titles at the bookshop, shared.

And to help lessen the economic impact of self publishing on your wallet! Were a family-run business in rural new south wales who perfected the self publishing process while publishing our own books and those of family and friends.

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Australian self publishing group

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